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Crowds for Rent has a wide variety of services to fit all types of occasions and events. If there is a custom package that you would like to have created to fit your experience please contact us here or send an email to to speak with one of our staff members about what special experience we can create for you.

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Hire The Paparazzi

Paparazzi are a group of photographers and videographers that will photograph and film your event or night on the town. We capture every aspect of your time and event in a stylish cool fashion. We turn any party into a true Hollywood experience.

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The Shop like a Celebrity Experience

Have you ever wanted to experience how it felt to shop like an A-List Hollywood Celebrity?
This package includes your very own personal entourage of paparazzi, security, and fans.
You will be greeted at home in the morning by our stylist, who will do your hair and makeup so you are "camera ready" before you step out for a day in the spotlight. A limo driver and security guard will then escort you to several local high-end stores of your choice to shop like a celebrity. When you arrive at each location you will be greeted by cheering fans, nosy paparazzi and frenzied photographers trying to get the perfect shot.
At each store, we will ensure that you receive VIP treatment including a bottle of the finest champagne as well as, highly personalized attention and assistance from store managers and staff while you shop to your heart's content.
You will immediately know what it feels like to shop like an A-List celebrity, as curious onlookers try to figure out who you are. By the time you walk out the door with shopping bags in tow, you may find they have joined the crowd of adoring fans, wishing they could get VIP star treatment just like you!

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The Celebrity Airport Greeting Experience

This experience will make everyone at the airport stop and immediately think that you are someone they should know. We will send a crowd (you can choose the crowd size) to the airport of your choice with signs custom made for your arrival. The crowd will consist of paparazzi, fans and reporters to greet you at the exit of the airport as you pass through the security gates or follow you to security as you leave for a trip. You will turn the heads of travelers, security, airport staff, and everyone around you as your adoring fans clamor for your autograph and attention. We can arrange a town car service with a driver or a luxury car of your choice (e.g. Bentley, Rolls Royce, etc.) as an additional component to make this experience all the more special. All the photos taken during the event will be sent to you at no additional charge. This service is the perfect way to start off a trip or a one-of-a-kind surprise gif for out of town guests.

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The Celebrity Fan Experience

Every A-list celebrity knows what it feels like to have fans, photographers, reporters and the general public greet them wherever they go. It's an experience that many celebrities say is an adrenaline rush because of the amount of attention they receive from people they don't know. Well now you have the chance to experience the unique feeling as you walk around some of the most popular spots in your city. We will have photographers waiting to take pictures of you at various destinations within the city of your choice, while fans ask you for autographs and yell your name wherever you go. You could choose to have this experience done during the day while you travel to restaurants, shops or through hotels or make this an evening experience as you go to bars, restaurants, concerts or events. You must be warned that when our clients choose this experience, it can attract a very large crowd. Depending upon where you are you may have droves of people taking your picture and asking for your autograph because you must be someone famous.

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Over the Top Lifestyle Experience

Hire us to create an unforgettable memory for any occasion. These unique packages are one of a kind services created to provide an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience that is usually reserved for royalty, celebrities, famous athletes, and the mega-rich. Treat yourself or that special someone to an experience they will never forget. If you want to provide an extravagant, over-the-top experience that will garner admiration from everyone witnessing the services we provide then choose one of these packages.

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The Ultimate VIP Party Experience

Provide that special someone with a VIP experience for any special occasion. This package is created for providing a true Hollywood experience for Birthdays, Mitzvahs, Graduation parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Night on the Town, Corporate Events, or any occasion where a Red Carpet experience would make the event that much more special. Our staff will arrange a chauffeur and limo of your choice (stretched Town Car, SUV or Party Bus), paparazzi photographers or videographers at every stop you make, your own personal security detail to follow you into clubs/events, the best table at any restaurant or night club of your choice, and a personal concierge that you can call anytime during the evening to take care of your every need. With this package you will get 3-6 hours of celebrity treatment. Our professional photography/videograpahy staff will provide your group with pictures and/or video of the time and event in a high quality format. Tell us where you want to go and what you want to do so our staff can plan the perfect experience.

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The Make Me Feel Special Day Experience

This package is dedicated to those who want to experience a crowd (size of your choice) that chants your name or sings a special cheer for you to exclaim to the world how great you are. You can choose to do this at your place of employment, school, university, sporting event, birthday party, anniversary, wedding, graduation, or any other venue of your choice. This can even be to protest or stage a demonstration outside of your place of work, school, or any location where you want to have a crowd specifically there for you. Your co-workers, friends, peers, and everyone else you know will be speechless. This is also a great gift to an employee that you want to show special adoration for. They will never forget this experience.

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The Self Promotion Experience

This package is designed for the person who has always wanted to experience hundreds of people chanting their name at any location or event. Life doesn't get better than having a large crowd of people chanting your name and exclaiming the world what a great person you are. This package can be customized to be a flash mob or simply a crowd with signs chanting whatever you desire. There is no request that is too great for us to accommodate.

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Political/Corporate Manpower

These packages are created specifically for any professional organization (large corporations to small businesses), political campaigns, or any organization that needs on demand manpower to support their commercial or political objectives. We can help with the opening of a new restaurant, night club, retail store, special event, press conference or any other type of event that requires people to fill seats, lines, ask questions or write reviews to greatly enhance the profile of any business. Every business should be able to guarantee that the grand opening or a special event is a success with being reassured that people will attend. We also provide manpower for protests, rallys, campaigns, ballot measures or any other event that requires a large group of people supporting a specific cause. No event is too big or too small - we service everyone from local campaigns to national political efforts.

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The Corporate/Business Public Relations Event Experience

This is for companies or businesses that need to have a guaranteed presence such as a rally, flash mob, cheering crowd, excited patrons, enthusiastic customers, or anything else that can help your business accomplish any objective that a crowd can facilitate. We can help create a custom event that gets your company the kind of attention that will help your business succeed. This can be a publicity stunt that will attract media attention or a much simpler event that a company can document as a way to advertise through channels such as YouTube. The value this brings to a companies public image and marketing effort is priceless.

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Political Campaign Rally Experience

This is a special package for any campaign whether it is for a local city council race or a state level legislator trying to get elected, this is a package that can have a large crowd show up at a location of the campaigns choice. We can provide the manpower to give any campaign an edge by sending supporters with signs (coordinated with the campaign organizer) to support or oppose any cause. These crowds not only can show up to cheer and protest but can also provide canvassing or phone banking services as well. We are available to support elections at all levels from neighborhood and school campaigns to federal level elections. We can be valuable for ballot measures as well.

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Create Your Own Experience

This is a package that can be a combination of any packages that we currently offer or even a creative idea that we may not have listed. We are open to all requests and will do our best to accommodate any desire our client has.

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